International Business: First Encounter of International Trade

Sea ports were one of the first glimpses of international business in action

Sea ports were one of the first glimpses of international business in action

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This site is named Port of Merchants for a number of reasons. Before businessman had airplanes, cars, and other technically advanced modes of transportation there were were boats. These boats were one of the first types of transportation methods that allowed merchants and businessman from across the world to meet. Sea ports would be one of the first encounters from people across the world to meet up and trade goods. I believe this is a strong background point of the international business world today that continues to grow exponentially. Without boats and  sea ports that allowed these first business transactions to occur we may not have had our first international encounters for many years past the initial development of ships.

To this day we continually ship and meet supply demands by utilizing ports to gain goods across the world. It is still a major factor in our everyday business world and holds a great amount of importance in political strategies as well. As business has continued to grow our methods of conducting business transactions has changed dramatically and how we reach those destination points will continue to develop even faster. I believe it is interesting and important to realize how quickly the business world has changed dating back to the initial encounters between foreign countries.  Where we hold business transactions today can take place in a number of different environments and with the use of technology have been to develop even more mind boggling ways to buy products.

  Who ever thought that we could sit at home in front of a computer screen and with a click of a button buy what we need, something that may be stored away half way across the world. To me I believe the business world is changing quicker than anyone could ever imagine. From what took weeks or even months at sea for goods to be exchanged can now be done without minutes. However, when I travel abroad I still can deeply appreciate when you go to a local market near the sea and still be able to utilize the old bargaining skill sets that seem to have disappeared nowadays. There is definitely a different vibe that can be felt and mixture of excitement when you go to a local port. The old art of marketing and bartering for goods is still within our technically advanced world.Sea Port

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